Tim Ahern

A few years ago I looked at my life and realized that after twenty years in the film industry, the passion just wasn’t there any more, I just couldn’t do it for another 20. I also realized that my skills didn’t translate in to pretty much any other industry. I was trapped. I had mortgage payments,  health insurance payments, kids and a wife that were relying on me.

We even upped and moved the family to, of all places, Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. My wife had been offered a position there and she was also looking to change her life so we took it. But film was all I knew and it wasn’t long until I was back doing pretty much what I had always done. You can change country, but everything stays the same unless you change YOURSELF.

I was desperate for a way to control my life and my income more. I looked at and tried various things on the internet but realised without the right mentors and training I was just throwing a lot of money away on get rich schemes or systems that were “thin” and let you down once you had any idea of how to use them.

After looking around for a long time to find the right people I could team up with, I finally stumbled on to a community of online entrepreneurs that opened my eyes to a better way of doing things. At first I was dubious, but I kept an open mind and kept moving along the path, eventually realizing this WAS the team of mentors I had been looking for and this WAS the system for me. My Digital Life Revolution had begun!

It has changed my life. Now, I want to tell everyone I can about this change that anyone can make.

So if you have looked deep in to your future and seen the next 20 years of doing the same thing and hating it, then find out more. If the journey I am on is not one you wish to go on too, you can simply abandon it at any time, but if this is the ‘thing’ that can change your life too, then do you really want to miss this opportunity?

We don’t have to live the old ‘analog’ style of living that our parents told us was the way to live, they weren’t raised with the internet. The internet has changed everything and now it can revolutionise your life too, as it has done mine.

The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step

My philosophy

Digital Life Revolution is about my journey to help others gain a life independent of “the boss” and doing things they don’t want to do just for coin. But making a living off the internet isn’t about buying a business in a box, turning a key and money comes rolling out, just like you wouldn’t expect that to happen if you bought a bricks and mortar business. It’s about:

  • Changing yourself first. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.
  • Do unto others as you would have done to you. Have integrity and truth.
  • Be and do your best – even when it’s tough.
  • A business is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t expect to be rich in 30 days.

A profitable online business is like any other business, it has to be nurtured and attended. But the beauty that the internet has over the traditional bricks and mortar business is massive scale and, more importantly, automation.

Where as in the old economy only writers, rock stars and movie actors could work once and get paid forever, with the power of the internet, now you can too – and THAT is the difference in philosophy that makes rich people rich, and makes you go to work every day, selling each day for money.

Work once. Get paid forever. How to do THIS is what people really need to learn.