If you’re wondering how to make money by trading in cryptocurrency look no further than bots!

“What on earth are bots?” I hear you ask,

Bots are automated buy and sell orders across a range of prices for a cryptocurrency coin pair that are trigged when the price crosses the line.

Now that might still be a mouthful if you’re a complete novice so here’s a bit more information…

Cryptocurrencies are generally traded in pairs.

That is, you might want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with US dollars – that’s a pair.

But USD are sort of “old school” fiat money, so in the crypto world you would exchange that (at 1 for 1) to a coin like USDT which is “Tethered” to the USD, hence USDT.

So now you have a pair that you’re trading BTC/USDT that are both cryptocurrency coins.

But I still haven’t told you how to make money with crypto trading right, Ok, here’s the best part.

how to make money with cryptocurrency trading by Digital life revolution

The secret sauce of how to make money by trading in cryptocurrency.

You use some special software that is designed to make money by trading crypto and nothing else.

Using that software, you set up a range of prices both above and below the current price of the coin you want to invest in – for our example it is Bitcoin.

Purchase the Bitcoin at the current market price.

Then watch the bots go to work buying and selling Bitcoin in small amounts over and over as the price moves around.

Each time it buys then sells these small amounts, they make a small amount of profit.

The key thing that sets cryptocurrency apart from the stock market is its volatility.

The price in any given period can vary wildly.

This is exactly what the bots take advantage of.

It is how to make money with cryptocurrency trading in the long run.

This system does not look for moon shots and trying to find the next fantastic thing, that is very hard to do.

Instead it just makes constant small amounts of money all day, every day, as the price moves up and down.

The more the price moves around, the more money the bots will make.

It doesn’t matter if the price goes up or down.

This is an entirely different strategy from what most people are using where they hope to buy low, then sell when it is high.

how to make money with cryptocurrency trading by Digital life revolution

However, it is documented that 95% of people lose money this way.

They hear about a coin too late, buy in the hype, and then watch it go up just a little, (woo hoo a win)

but then it goes down just a bit (that’s ok , it will take off again in a day or 2)

then the coin goes down under the buy price (don’t worry it will turn around soon and i’ll go back into profit)

and then it just keeps going down (I’ll just hang on to it until it goes back up)

but, 3 months later, it still hasn’t gone back up,

so you sell it at a loss to unlock the cash and get into the next thing that is going up, and you repeat the cycle.

Bots Don’t Care About Price

Bots don’t care if the price goes up or down. As it goes down, the bots will make money trading crypto regardless.

It’s the safest and wisest way to make money with crypto trading there is!

If you are looking for a really IN DEPTH DIVE into exactly how this works, take a look and this review of Dan Hollings’ THE PLAN which is the training program I used to teach me all this or you can watch a Youtube version of it here

Bots are by far the easiest and most secure way to profit trading cryptocurrencies in my opinion.

However I am not a professional advisor and none of this is financial advice. Always seek your own consul before investing.