If you’re wondering what is cryptocurrency, and want to learn how to make money in cryptocurrency, then look no further than bots!

If you’ve been hunting all the traditional markets and methods to get a better return on your money and it hasn’t been working, try investing in crypto and learn how to make money the smart way.

The crypto market has rapidly grown to over $2 trillion dollars and is not going away any time soon.

It’s rapid growth and outstanding returns has made more millionaires in the last decade than any other market.

how do cryptocurrencies make money

Given it’s growth and capacity for profit, it is now too big a market to be ignored as a “fad”.

The technology that underpins the crypto market, blockchain, is going to revolutionize the the world in the next 20 years.

Much the same way the internet has for the last 20.

But how do cryptocurrencies make money?

More importantly how do YOU make money from cryptocurrency.

The traditional method most people rush into is the idea of “buy low, sell high.”

After all, we all know that principle as a general rule of life, right?

Why would this be any different?

But there are different ways of looking at it

Most people hear about the overnight millionaires and the cryptocurrencies that go 100x in a year and hope to jump on.

The reality is though, 95% of people that enter the market not knowing much about it, will lose.

They hear about a coin that is “going to the moon” and jump onto it.

It goes up when they first buy and they are super happy, but the reality is that they bought on the hype.

Unfortunately so did everyone else, and now that coin is moon-shotting because of hype alone.

It doesn’t necessarily have sensible business reason for the price increase.

Try Investing In Crypto And Learn How To Make Money The Smart Way.

This is how it all fails…

Then the price turns around and comes back down, but most people hold as they don’t think the downtrend will last.

They wake up the next morning to discover that it is basically the same price they bought it for.

Convinced it will bounce back up, they hold.

10hrs later it is at a loss

Not wanting to sell at a loss after it was so profitable at one stage, they hang on hoping it will get back up there.

Eventually the price dips even lower and stays there.

Now our buyer friend has to hang on to the coin so as not to realize the loss.

But guess what?

3 months later it’s gone nowhere and he needs the money for another coin that is on the way up.

He sells out, takes the loss, and dives into another coin that he has heard about, and the cycle starts again.

How not to fail investing in crypto

Buy low, sell high is a risky game if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And even the people that DO know what they’re doing still can’t time the market to always make profits.

So what to do?

How do you make money with cryptocurrency when this traditional method isn’t working?

Try Crypto Bots


Crypto bots are simply a term for using automated A.I. to execute constant buy and sell orders.

They operate based on rules you give them, that can’t help but make profit in the process.

How do you make money on cryptocurrency using bots?

“Bots” are given a set of rules and settings by you.

If a price is reached in the cryptocurrency coin, it will either buy some or sell some depending on what you told it to do.

But it doesn’t buy a lot, it buys just a little bit.

So if the price is dipping in a coin, you buy some, then some more when it goes down again, and so on.

This is called Dollar Cost Averaging and is recommended by the smartest investors, including Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all time.

But here’s the best part of how to make money with cryptocurrencies – the bot is designed to make profit and profit only.

How a crypto bot works

When the price dips a little, the bot will  buy a little.

When the price jumps back up to where it just came from, the bot will sell that bit it just bought and make a profit.

It might be 30c given the small amounts of everything, but crypto is volatile so it goes up and down little bits all day.

Even if it is trending down, it will still bounce up a little on the way.

Every time the price crosses the trigger line, the bot will buy if it is going down, and sell if it goes up.

The thing is, it will do this 100x  day.

100x 30c is $30 in a day.

$30 every day of the month is $900.

To get this $900 you do nothing. The bot does all the work on your behalf.

You might have 3 of these bots running.

That’s $2,700 a month.

Now these figures might not seem huge to you, but that $2,700 a month is achievable from a $9,000 investment.

What other investment of 9k will get you 2.7k back a MONTH – every month.

This system has been tested and proven by a guy who developed it over 3 years.

He pushed $5M through it to get the concept, software and software settings just right.

I too now use this system and have been profitable with it since day one.

If you want to know more about how the system works, how it was developed and who the guy is that developed it, head to this in-depth review of Dan Hollings’ THE PLAN and get more information.

So here’s the deal on how you make money with cryptocurrency…

(particularly when you’re starting out)

  1. Get some training (just a few hours),
  2. Act on what you learn and
  3. Make money with bots that make little bits of profit all day, every day.

Skip getting on the bandwagon of 95% failure of trying to buy low and sell high, bots are the way for people new to crypto to make money every day.