Review Of Dan Hollings THE PLAN – The Power Of Crypto Bots

In this review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN, we’ll discover just how far some crypto investing ideas have come with the use of modern software.

If there was ever to be discovered, the ultimate do-nothing, personal money-machine, then Dan Hollings has quite likely discovered it.

Never before have I seen a system that is so easy that anybody can learn it in a matter of hours, and if they just follow some simple rules, will be making profits the same day.

So simple a concept,

That it was right under everyone’s noses.

So, very profitable, 

that the world is waking up to it.

This system of using software bots and cryptocurrencies to generate small amounts of profit, every minute, all day, every day is going to change the lives of everyone who learns it.

Whether you’re a savvy business operator, an established day trader, a stay at home mum or a bus driver it doesn’t matter. It works for anyone.

The concepts in Dan Hollings THE PLAN are so simple that anyone can understand them,  and hence anyone can profit from them.

It doesn’t matter whether the crypto market is going up, down or sideways, this system makes money regardless, making it very hard to lose.

Seriously, you’re going to be blown away by the success rate of this program, as at the time of writing every single person who has done THE PLAN training is making a profit!

That’s a hard call for nearly all the other wealth creation programs out there to make.

Now, this is a Crypto thing, so I know most people probably have their “BS” detector warnings firing off loudly right now, and a little while back, before I did the program, I was kind of in the same camp, but having done this now, I can say this is by far the closest thing I have ever come across to the ultimate kick-back-and-do-nothing, personal money-machine.

So, grab a comfy chair and a tasty beverage and set aside a few minutes to read this personal review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN.

Review Dan Hollings Crypto by Digital Life Revolution


Review Dan Hollings Crypto by Digital Life RevolutionOK,  let’s back up a bit.

What am I talking about and who is this Dan Hollings guy anyway?

Before Dan Hollings became a crypto expert he had spent his time helping thousands of people grow massively profitable businesses on Amazon, generating over $986M in monthly revenue!

You see Dan is good and spotting what is coming next.

From using smart phones for business when everyone else had a Blackberry, to Amazon businesses for the common person, to being the marketing mastermind behind the smash hit “The Secret”, to the world of crypto, Dan Hollings has a knack of being ahead of the curve.

And when it comes to his simple strategy with crypto bots, he IS the curve.

Dan spent over 3 years testing this system, generating $5M in the process before he thought it was time to share it. 

Of course he made many mistakes along the way that cost him money, but now he knows exactly what software to use, what settings to put in there, what strategies to apply, what rules to abide by so that his crypto bots are the most efficient little creatures on the planet and turning a normal laptop into an ATM.

And now that he is sharing his knowledge, the rest of us get to fast-track through and bypass all his mistakes. With THE PLAN we get the sum knowledge of all that testing handed to us on a silver platter.

The first round of people Dan showed this to were a small batch of 14 people who ALL went on to make insane profits in just a matter of weeks. 

Every one of them was blown away

The 2nd round had upwards of 400 people (including lucky me) who also went on to make stunning profits.

It’s as simple as: listen to the rules, implement the rules, follow the rules, watch the profit line explode.

Just take a look at the results of the first 18 people shown how to do this… 

Student results Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN


Rapid Crush TeamDan knew he had something special on his hands 

So when he needed a team that he could trust to get the word out by publishing, marketing and supporting THE PLAN,  he chose the guys at Rapid Crush.

Rapid Crush is a digital marketing service empowering ambitious digital marketers with a suite of tools and options.

It was founded in 2011 by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos who are quite the powerhouse of business expertise, with over 40 years combined experience between them. 

Jason is recognized globally as one of the best webinar presenters in the world.

With Rapid Crush on board, Dan now had a way of being able to let people know about his system and this is why the world is only now just finding out about it.

The support level provided by Rapid Crush is nothing short of astonishing. There are over 30 customer support teams available 24/7 and it only takes an average of 21 minutes before you get your answer back. 

This sort of support is unheard of in the internet marketing space and has saved a tonne of frustration for me as I suddenly come up with “but what if…..?” questions.

I am personally extremely happy with every interaction I have had with support so far.

So what is Dan Hollings :The Plan?

 Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN The Plan PhasesJust up above I gave a bit of an explanation of what the bots do, but the long and short of it is that THE PLAN will teach you how to use software, bots and the crypto market to make daily profits, as safely as possible and in a way that almost no one is doing.

But that is not all of THE PLAN

The full program gives you an understanding of the crypto world and the whole system you need to implement to be successful – but it’s not remotely difficult. 

My grandma could do this stuff.

Sure, there’s software that has been thoroughly researched and chosen, that anyone can get hold of,  but there is so much more like:

  • How to get your money INTO the system
  • How to keep that money as protected as possible
  • Multiple strategies to use based on your risk tolerance and goals
  • How to maximise profits with every bit of crypto coin you hold.
  • How to get your money OUT of the system
  • And much more

Everything you need to go from knowing nothing about crypto, like I was, to being able to generate daily profits – like I do now.

It’s a 6 part course that you can do in your own time, personally I smashed through it as I just wanted to learn it all and get started.

Naturally there is a whole back office members area with a tonne of ancillary learning and instructional videos to show you every step of the way.


Review Dan Hollings by Digital Life Revolution

Hang on if cash is king, why are we talking about Crypto?

Well in this modern post-covid era where 38% of all US cash was printed in the last 18 months, I think this should be “cash-flow” is king.

Holding on to plain old cash in a bank account paying 0.25% interest a YEAR will mean you actually go backwards. Listed inflation is being touted at around 6%, other experts say it’s 15%. Suffice to say, your cash has to grow 6-15% a year in order to just stay still.

And the inherent difference of THE PLAN is that every day, no matter what, you will end up with additional “cash” in your digital wallet that you can spend on the net, reinvest into crypto or pull out and pay your rent with if you want.

Do with it as you wish.

This system generates cash-flow.

For example, you don’t have to invest a chunk of money into Bitcoin at $50,000 and wait for the price to move to $60,000 before selling and getting your cash back (and profit). 

That can take years, and even then, you’ll be thinking  – should you hang on in case it goes to $80,000? Who knows.

In the meantime, your money is locked away in Bitcoin, not generating any income for you.

Dan’s PLAN is an entirely different strategy from this that no one seems to have cottoned on to and it is extremely profitable and extremely simple.

You DO NOT need to stare at screens, charts and numbers all day with this system.

You set up a bot and touch it as little as possible for weeks and months at a time, and just watch the bots “wiggle” all day, generating a cash profit, whilst still holding onto the coin you invested in.



Do nothing Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN


In an era where we are conditioned from birth to get a good education, get a job, WORK HARD and then you’ll have money for retirement, it can be hard to grasp the concept of a system that can produce money for you whilst you do NOTHING.

Technically, the stock market has been doing this for years, but in order to get enough money coming out through dividends people needed $1M plus in there.

The stock market only tends to give 2%-8% in dividends a year for the average investor 

Well, THE PLAN’s system with Crypto tends to give me about…

0.67% a DAY.

That’s about 20% a MONTH

That would be about 240% a YEAR.

Now, suddenly,  living off the cashflow produced daily by the bots seems feasible with only 10,s of thousands in there.

“10’s of thousands!!!” I hear you say, I don’t have 10’s of thousands to spare!

Well, start small and grow….


Review Dan Hollings by Digital Life Revolution

Albert Einstein considered compounding the 8th wonder of the world and it’s what the rich use to get richer.

You take a small amount of money, put it “to work” generating more money (interest, dividends, crypto coins 😁) and then re-invest that new money back into the original investment to make it bigger. 

The bigger the base investment, the more money it will generate the next time around.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Again, you can do this with the stock market, but they give miniscule payouts (dividends) once every 3, 6 or 12 months. Some, like Amazon, don’t pay out at all! 

It takes YEARS to get ahead like this, if ever.

With the daily profits from THE PLAN sitting in your crypto wallet, you can put it back into the base investment regularly and often. 

Combine that with the massive returns THE PLAN system gives and in no time at all you are cashflowing a new life.

This is exciting stuff!! 

Now ANYONE can get to a lifestyle where investments do all the work in a matter of months or a couple of years, not decades!!

This is the key to not needing to work and just “living off the interest.”


So here’s an example using figures that I personally am striving for…

Initial investment into a crypto bot: $3,000

Expected return: 0.67% a day (yes that is realistic and my personal goal)

Reinvest the profit monthly for 12 months.

Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN compounding interest

So month Zero I put the money on a bot.

After 1 month it has generated about $600 in extra coin sitting in my wallet

Reinvest that $600 back into the bot and in the following month there is $3,600 the bot is working with.

The next month it generates around $735 that I can put back in the next month.

And so on.

So it means at this stage I am not getting any money into my wallet that I am then keeping and spending, but that’s OK with me for now and for a little while as I watch the cycle spin up with bigger and bigger numbers.

In 12 months, $3,000 has turned into almost $28,000.

By month 13 the cash generated is around $5,000 a month.

That’s $60,000 a year and is the annual income of many people.

That 0.67% daily return IS achievable.

Check the “avg. Daily” column in any of the sample results in the REAL RESULTS section to see the kind of daily % returns you can get


bot profit graph from Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN

The software is readily available on the net.

Yep you can go out and get it tomorrow.

So naturally, people ask, “why not just get it and do it myself?”

Well, of course you can.

But this thing is like a Ferrari.

its like driving a ferrari

It looks good, it looks easy, but if you get behind the wheel of a Ferrari not knowing how to drive, you can do untold amounts of damage.

I don’t want to see that carnage. 

Much the same, you won’t know how to drive this software and you will waste hours of time and burn through untold amounts of cash before you work out how to get it under control.

I mentioned earlier that Dan Hollings has already burned through a bunch of money to get the strategies and settings right.

$5M was actually what he passed through this system in order to perfect the method, the choice of software and the settings for that software.

So you can burn through your own trying to work these things out or you can just ante up for a little education and drive that Ferrari like a master from the get go.

It always fascinates me how people will happily take on MASSIVE college debt in the hope that it will give them more income in the future, but the idea of investing in education after college, for income almost immediately, is an anxiety laden terror ride. 🤣


How it works Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN

A bot is just basically an instruction you give to the software to buy or sell a portion of a crypto currency if a certain price is reached. 

It’s an automated order, that’s all.

If the price reaches a certain point, the bot says, “oh hey, the boss said if the price reaches this, I should sell it.” 

So it tells the market it wants out, and sells it to someone else who still wants more at that price

Did you know that you can buy any portion of a coin you want?

This is different from, say, the stocks in the stock market. 

Stocks are the value of the company chopped into thousands of pieces so people can buy little slivers of that company. But the value of each sliver can’t be cut down any further. 

If you’re after Amazon and the stock is worth over $3,000 you, the buyer, can’t get just a portion of that based on the money you have available.

You gotta pay the whole price for just one of those – over $3,000

Crypto is much more flexible, 

If you’ve got $50 and you want $50 worth of Bitcoin, the market will give it to you.

This being the case, you can go REALLY micro here.


Cash profitDo you remember the 8th wonder of the world?


And the thing that is king?


If I just hold on to my crypto currency, it does nothing, it waits until such a time as I am willing to sell it and then it (hopefully) makes a whopping profit. Boo yah! 

But when is the right time to sell it?

I spoke to a friend the other day who was into crypto a while back.

He said he was finally getting back into it  after a break of 3 years and the Ethereum coin he held had gone from $4k to $14k. Great news!

But, nah, he’s going to hang on to it for longer.

So really, his position right now is he is down the $4k he put in. It’s not available to him to spend and he has no idea when he will sell it for his “pay day.”

If he put it in a bot, the coin would have been sold and bought 50x over by now, the amount he holds would still be worth $14k and he would have gotten thousands of dollars in his bank along the way.


And if he had of reinvested the cash along the way, he would have way more than $14k worth now


You see, BOTS ROCK!


Believe it or not Bitcoin has been with us now for over 10 years.

Much like in the late 90’s when people said “the internet is a fad” and people said “social media is a fad”, crypto is now getting the same kind of discussion.

But the underlying technology that gave birth to crypto (blockchain) is not going away

In the next 40 years it is going to change everything as we know it.

And so crypto currencies will not be a fad, but something that are here for a long, long time.


One particular pundit, a guy called Plan B, invented a predictive model for Bitcoin that has been one of the most accurate predictive models ever invented.

Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

The gray line is the prediction in price by Plan B. The squiggly line is the price of Bitcoin. Sometimes is ahead of the grey line and sometimes its behind, but you can see it is tracking pretty well to prediction.

Based on its current predictions, Bitcoin could be expected to rise to around $1M by 2026.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t grabbing a little bit of that every day to build up a reserve sound like a good idea?

You can do this easily, 24/7 with THE PLAN bots doing your bidding.

Start with a small investment, reinvest the daily profits and you will never even need to put in another dollar.

Despite the 10 years, it is still considered the early stages of Bitcoin and the big banks and investment firms have just started waking up to it. 

They are waiting for more guidelines from their regulators on how to handle Crypto on their books, but when that is sorted out soon, there will be trillions pouring in, pushing the prices of  EVERYTHING up.

Many of the top companies in the world are starting to accept cryptocurrency for payment.

Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

El Salvador has even adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in the country!

Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

Bitcoin is the 3rd Largest World Currency. 

The total cryptocurrency market value has hit a record $2 Trillion and is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Could Bitcoin go to zero? Possibly

Could Amazon? Could Microsoft? Could Apple? Also possibly.

But I think Bitcoin is here to stay. 

I believe NOW is the best possible time to get started with cryptocurrency, 

and THE PLAN is absolutely the best, safest, fastest, smartest, passive system available.

Who doesn’t like to sit back to do nothing while making money, right?


Just take a look at what some people are getting.

I’m going to put myself in here first as I am probably the most hopeless case.

I am hopeless at remembering to take screenshots and so far I have probably changed coin pairs a little too often.

I have limited funds to put in so I want them working as hard as possible, but I have finally settled on my favorite coin pairs – I think 😆

Dan Hollings says to just leave it alone! 

But when you see it all working and generating cash you just can’t help but refreshing your screen and testing new coin pairs.

I know I have to slow down, but this is just so much damn FUN!

Example 1 – ME!

I personally got involved with that plan in the second round of beta training.

It had somewhere north of 400 people in the round.

With just a few hours of training I understood the concepts, and the basics of what this program was about, and started some demo bots.

Within a few days of that, I invested real money.

And within hours I was making cash profit.

I started with a minimum recommended investment.

Once I saw the returns I was getting, I organised my life (🤪) and got extra money in. This got it to $9k

Real results Review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN

I have gone from $9K late august to $16.7K at the time of writing being almost exactly 3 months from starting. 

That’s an 85% return in 90 days, I’ll take that!

Breaking this down a bit: you know I’ve changed bots a few times, so the longest ones here are 2 months and 3 days.

Both of those making more than 1% a DAY profit.

Another has just made it to a month and getting over 1.5% a day and the newest one is a different strategy where I intend to hang on to them for a long time, so the settings are different.

Like all investments, it will appreciate over time, but that one is more focussed on the underlying coins going up in value and less on the daily profit extraction. It’s a slow start but it will be there for a year or 2.

Here’s just some of the results from other early adopters….

Example 2

You can see here this person invested around $12k and in about 2 months had a bot profit of $4,365  – that’s 35.71%

This is net of fees (after the transaction fees are taken out) and so what you see is the profit sitting in his crypto wallet.

The coins sitting in his wallet are a mix of Bitcoin and USDT coin but the profit is shown in USD based on the exchange rate at that very moment.

And you know what he did for this profit? NOTHING.

(OK he followed Dan Hollings rules about 2 months ago and set this up, but otherwise, nothing)

This is passive income in its simplest form.

Example 3

Amazing crypto bot results

Here’s the phone shots of the guy that told me about it.

In fact it was probably this timeline of income that really convinced me this is real and I should try it.

I owe that guy a bottle of champagne!

Example 4

Review The Plan Crypto by Digital Life Revolution

This person earned a hefty $2,643 in 6 days!!!

This is amazing!

12.63% return in 6 days! Most investments don’t return that in a year!

Anyone can do this when they’re shown how, that’s why I am doing this review of Dan Hollings THE PLAN.

Everyone needs to know this!! 

And if you’re thinking $20k investment is way out of your reach, it might be right now, 

but when you can get these high returns each month and then re-invest, it isn’t long until you can grow something small into $20k, and then beyond.

Example 5

Review Dan Hollings The Plan by Digital Life Revolution

Last one, I promise.

I could sit here and throw 30 more of these up here, but I think you’re getting the picture.

51.98% of the original investment returned in cash in 30 days

$21k put in, $11K in pocket in a month.

This is INSANE!

This system WORKS!

It is not hype, it’s not a lucky shot.

It is a methodical, automated, daily system that never stops.

You just need to know HOW!


Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

Firstly, never invest more than you can afford to lose – in any investment.

If you can’t make rent money for next week, you don’t have enough spare to invest in crypto.

By their very nature investments carry risk.

When it comes to Crypto, I have mentioned volatility.

However I am convinced that THE PLAN method both reduces risk and maximizes profits better than any other system. But I am not a financial advisor.

That being said, the recommended minimum investment into the bots is $3-$5k

Of course if you want to start with less, you can, however, you are already starting to break some of THE PLAN rules so don’t expect to get the same kind of results you see above.

This $3-$5k is in addition to the one time investment into THE PLAN itself which (at time of writing) is $3,500.

Going forward you will also need to pay for the software monthly plan which is $29, $69 or $149 per month depending on how big you go.

I started on the bottom one but quickly moved to the middle one.

You will also need some tax software that can tally up all your trades for the tax man at the end of the year. That is from $150 per year.

There are also exchange fees, but you don’t feel them as you see the profits once the fees are taken out. In most countries these fees should be able to used as a deduction/expense when it comes to tax time.

Dan Hollings does have plans for additional education units available for additional fee, but you don’t need to do them.

This review is of Dan Hollings’ THE PLAN phase 1 only.


Review The Plan Crypto by Digital Life Revolution

I just want to point out here, Dan Hollings and the people that run THE PLAN never touch your money.

Only you do – ever!

They don’t manage it, control it or even know how much you’ve got.

THE PLAN is an education, not funds management.

You’re shown the safest way to move money from place to place, keep codes, keys and passwords as safe as possible and lock as much away from prying eyes as possible.

And of course, you’re shown how to WIGGLE.


Review Dan Hollings Crypto : The Plan.

Review Dan Hollings The Plan by Digital Life Revolution

THE PLAN is for anyone who sees the value of investing money to make it work harder.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Grant Cardone, always says he wants his money to have little babies, then put them to work, so they can have little babies, and put them to work etc

(hmm, sounds like compounding, right?)

It’s for busy people who don’t have time, or inclination, to sit and watch charts all day and read newspapers about where the market ‘might’ go.

It’s for people who need their nest egg to grow RAPIDLY for retirement.

It’s for people who are young and have realised the earlier you start with investing the better off you’ll be financially.

Quite  honestly, it’s for lazy people.

You literally only have to put in a little effort at the beginning to learn it and implement it, then you have a system to make money for life where you do as little as possible.

It’s for early adopters.

If you’re sick of hearing about great deals and great investments well after everyone else and sick of missing out on the profits, this is for you. Hardly anyone is doing this yet.

In 12 months it will be EVERYWHERE.


OK, so you really just want all this laid out in front of you in a simple to understand table?

Well here’s the 1 minute summary to take home to mother.

The good and the bad. There is no ugly with this.


    • The returns!!! Insane
    • Cashflow Cashflow Cashflow
    • Passive income – do as little as possible
    • So easy to learn
    • Amazing support
    • Reduced risk
    • Simple strategy
    • Profits in down and sideways markets too

    • You can still lose money
    • People think I’m crazy (they don’t understand it!)
    • It’s hard to do nothing 🤣
    • Monthly software fees


Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

THE PLAN is a course so it opens and closes for each round.

If it is open, you will be able to join with any link on this page.

If it is closed, better get on the waiting list ASAP because this thing is EXPLODING (see below)


The first round of people that were shown it paid a hefty $10K, but as you can see they have all made their money back and some nice profits since then.

Review The Plan Crypto by Digital Life Revolution

Demand was so high that Dan had to close enrolment early

The second beta round 400 people

The 3rd and final beta round over 3,000 people

The official launch –  13,000 more people.

Can you see how this thing is exploding!

At writing there are now over 20,000 people that have learned how to do this.

There will be another round coming

Don’t miss out when it arrives.

Click on one of my links and get on the waiting list. 

I will notify you THE SECOND it becomes available as I expect it will sell out in days.

THE PLAN cost US$3500

Do you think $3,500 is a lot? 

I think it depends on whether it gives returns.

So far almost 100% of people doing the course have made profit so as you can see there is an explosion in demand.

This is a legal cash making machine. Would you like one?

If you believe that you can make profits from this system, then THE PLAN is dead cheap.

If you don’t, then its expensive.

But remember the Ferrari I mentioned earlier. 

This is powerful stuff, you mess up and it will cost you.

Maybe better to pay for driving lessons, than driving that lovely Ferrari into the wall.


Phase 1 of Dan Hollings THE PLAN

  • That’s all the stuff I have been talking about in this review of THE PLAN

2 months coin pair suggestions

  • Dan is running a service where he posts coin pairs that he is keen on. 
  • When a man with this much experience suggest something, you listen 😆

24hr support from the Rapid Crush team. 

I believe THE PLAN is quite possibly the best investment in personal knowledge anyone can make right now.

And this knowledge isn’t just for this month or this year. 

Once you know how to do this and there exists a crypto market, you have a passive income generator FOR LIFE!!

Can you make your education costs back with the product? Quite honestly if you follow the system, I can’t comprehend  how you wouldn’t.

Can you make your college education fees back with the job you get after that degree? A lot less likely and a much longer time frame.

I’m nothing special I have made the course fees back in under 3 months.


Sign up right here, right now to get these unique “Tim’s Bonuses” only available here…..


Review Dan Hollings The Plan by Digital Life Revolution

Snipe all my best bot pairings and use them yourself.

You’ll see both the ones I am invested in and the ones I am watching and planning to get into next.

Even though THE PLAN is a completely hands off system, I spend an inordinate amount of time researching coins and crypto because I enjoy it. 

It is a total passion of mine and you can benefit from my bot nerdiness by finding out what bots are hot.


Review The Plan Crypto by Digital Life Revolution

New to the whole cryptocurrency thing and need some extra help?

Not a problem, I can help you. 

It can be a little overwhelming at times setting everything up so just hit me up and we can sort through the problem

If you think you can use a little extra help, make sure to join THE PLAN through my link, so I can help you.

Or even if you just want someone to talk with about this stuff. I luuuurve talking about it.

3.UNDER THE HOOD Get Your Own Copy of…

“Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Future of Money” 

Dan Hollings review The plan by Digital Life Revolution

Once your bots are up and running it might be time to find out a little more about Crypto.

How it got here, where it’s going and how it is going to change lives.

This special book has it all and getting your hands on it is an exclusive bonus for signing up to THE PLAN using my links.

4.Access to my private Youtube videos 

Every week I post videos on youtube, some to the public and some to a private group.

Here I discuss coin pairs and tips about crypto and THE PLAN.

Rest assured you will be first to know about any hot goss I am finding out about.

5.Tax Software

Review The Plan Crypto by Digital Life Revolution

This is all fun and games until the tax man comes a knockin’.

Yes unfortunately you need to record all this stuff and tell the tax guys what you’re up to.

And when you discover you’ve done 158,000 trades in a year it can get ugly.

Unless you have THIS BONUS

Use this secret weapon software to be able to get that taxman off your back with just a few clicks of a button.


The lockdowns and craziness of the last couple of years has shown just how fragile one source of income can be.

THE PLAN gives an amazing opportunity for another source of income, and if you don’t need the cash right now, consider the rapid build up of capital it can generate for later years.

Remember this gives you CASHFLOW – the golden egg

THE PLAN and it’s radically different strategy with Crypto is the golden goose.

Previously only big ass hedge fund traders and the big banks had access to the kind of software that could pull this off in the ForEx markets, now the playing field is leveled.

The average person has been given the power of multimillion dollar investment firms, let’s use it!

Get in the first chance you get!!


Review Dan Hollings The Plan by Digital Life Revolution

I am the only one offering these bonuses, so you need to join THE PLAN from this page to get them. Here’s how….

Step 1. Clear Your Cookies

If you use an Apple Device

If you Don’t use Apple

Step 2 Join THE PLAN

Only once you’ve cleared the cookies, click this button….

Step 3 Email me

To request The Plan bonuses, send an email to tim @ (remove the spaces I put in there)

Please use the subject line “The Plan Bonuses Rock” with a screenshot of your receipt & the NDA, as well as the email address you used to join THE PLAN.

If you pay for the whole course in 1 payment, everything will be underway for your bonuses in 24hrs.

If you choose a payment plan, the physical items of your bonuses won’t get processed until the payments are completed, but the digital items you can access straight away.

Absolutely. I also knew nothing about crypto before starting. The course is designed exactly for you, to give you the education you need about crypto, but not overload your brains with the technical. The system itself is designed to show you how to rapidly profit from crypto and software and the methods are simple to understand.

Yes. Dan insists on using the practice Demo Bots for a while first. Here the software provides you with play money to try some bots with. Then move to real money when you are confident.

In the bots the minimum suggested is $3,000. However if you are going to start a little shy of that you should be ok, then grow it.

The other investment is in THE PLAN education itself; $3,500 and the monthly software fee $29-$150

Yes. Most classes at the moment are live but then are broken down into smaller pieces for replay within 24hrs.

If you miss the live, the advantage of the replays is you can watch them back at 1.5x or 2x speed and save some time.

The instructional videos about smaller tasks, like setting up exchanges, are all recorded so you can watch when you’re ready to do that.

No. The software is an independent company. Dan tested a tonne of bot software and decided this one was the best for this method. It is cloud based and can be accessed just like any other webpage.

Yes. The government considers crypto “property” in the US. Generally the same in other countries. You WILL need to seek tax advice at some stage to clarify this for your country of residence but you can start without needing anything in place.

There is software you can use that can track the bot trades you do. You don’t need to get it straight away. It costs $150-$600pa generally, and is just a cost of doing business I’m afraid, like the monthly software fee. These fees are miniscule compared to the returns you should be getting if you are following the rules of THE PLAN.

Tiny. 0.1% of the transaction is common but sometimes a little more, it depends on the exchange you use. In some cases this can be reduced if you hold a certain kind of coin in your wallet and pay for the fees with that coin. Again, this is just a cost of doing business but this one you don’t  really feel as your profit is shown after it comes out.

$7,000. $3,500 for the education. That is an expense. $3,000 for bots. That is the investment money. $500 spare for upfront setups and fees (you wont need $500, but just have it around to start with)

Absolutely. It is no different to any other buy low, sell high concept.  It’s just you are doing it a lot more often. Day traders might make 30 trades a day, just a single bot of yours will probably do this in an hour. This is just a different strategy thanks to new software and a new POV.

You do! Well, technically your exchange does, but it’s your account at the exchange you chose. ONLY you have access.

You pick the exchange you want to use, you set up an account, you transfer fiat money (normal money) from your normal bank to your digital wallet at the exchange. As it goes into the wallet, you have to choose a crypto currency to store it in while it’s in there. Most people choose Bitcoin. Congratulations, you now own Bitcoin.

It doesn’t. The software is just a tool giving orders to your exchange.

Consider the software like your online banking app. Your money isn’t in the app, your money is in the bank. You just tell the app to tell the bank to pay someone. Same here, the money is in the exchange. You just tell the app (the software) to pay someone, but you don’t want to have to hang around all day giving orders to buy/sell buy/sell, so you set up rules on the software that when a price is reached, send an order to the exchange to do a task.

No. There are rules and safeguards. You supply the software bots with rules, they won’t operate outside the rules you give them. They won’t keep trading you into a financial black hole of oblivion if something is going wrong.

Through the exchange. If you want to get money moved back into your traditional fiat bank account, there are clear and easy instructions in the exchange on how to do it. 

No! There are people from over 130 countries doing this. Crypto does not operate based on country borders or country time zones. It’s all countries, all day which is why it will change the financial world and the only way is up.

Yes, of course. You can put what you already have into a bot and it will start trading. But remember that the bot will buy and sell all day, so it will start to sell what you have at today’s prices. Then it will buy it and sell it many more times. This is not a HODL strategy. It is basically the opposite, unlocking profits now rather than waiting for the big sale some time in the future.

Like a bank failing, it is always a possibility. The key exchanges you are encouraged to use are multi-billion dollar entities. But to downplay risk it is a good idea to have crypto parked in more than one exchange. Currently I use 2, but will move to 3 when I hit a certain asset value and then 4 etc.

No. There are other platforms that do similar things, but expect higher fees. Also, all the discussion and lessons of THE PLAN are around Bitsgap (sign up free here), the recommended software, so you are just making it harder on yourself to use a different one.

Absolutely. For the moment it is through the Rapid Crush Support format, soon there will also be a private support community of PLANNERS and also additional Phases on offer for further education deeper into the belly of the crypto trading world.

The software interacts with your exchange through an API. That’s like a wire going between the two so they can chat to each other.There are times when these APIs will stutter a bit. But the beautiful thing is that the automation is set up to live on your exchange. So if the API or automation goes down, the transactions continue to occur. What that allows is that if there is a stutter, not much happens. There is not much to be concerned about there. There is not anything that you can do within the software interface that is disastrous where you accidentally touch a button and lose a lot of money all of a sudden. You do not need to have a fear of not being able to operate the software.

You will continue to get updates to everything that is being offered in Phase I. As we roll out the other phases, there are different areas of cryptocurrency that we will cover. There will be additional fees if you choose to continue into the other phases. But this is completely optional.

No, this would not work.

Unfortunately, currently it cannot. But I would not be surprised if it happens in the future.

Yes, but its not ready yet

That’s entirely up to you. Just remember no one on THE PLAN team are financial advisors and will never give you financial advice. All decisions about your money are your responsibility. Dan is just showing you what he is doing, why he believes it is working for him and how you can do what he is doing.

Yes. Dan Hollings has been doing this for over 3 years now and has been improving it the whole time. It is still evolving to this day. But given the success it is having and the demand being created, the price for the training will most definitely go up, so now is the best time to get in.

The training opens its doors randomly, so if it is not open right now get onto my alert list to find out the minute the next round is open.

Once you’ve started there is literally only a few hours of training before you can set up your first bot (do it in Demo mode) , get comfortable with everything at your own speed and then put some real money into it.

Absolutely not! A scam implies handing over money and getting nothing in return. THE PLAN is a multi-week education that has been proven to work by basically every person who has been shown it so far. It empowers you to be able to make informed and educated decisions about crypto investing and gives you the knowledge to make massive profits. It’s unusual, and different and very profitable so people think that there must be smoke and mirrors, but it is just a unique combination of a market, software and technique.

Click any link on this page and it will get where you need to go.

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